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About this Site
Our Charter and Objectives
  1. To Remain A Community Based And Operated Portal

    Our primary objective is to provide a comprehensive website service to the community. To do this we aim to promote the products and services of the local community based non-profit organizations, as well as local and regional businesses. The maintenance, upkeep and marketing of the website portal will, where possible, only be sourced to local business and services providers.

  2. To Provide Services And Opportunities To Local Community Based (Non Profit) Organizations.

    By obtaining local business sponsors we are able to provide community based non-profit organizations with the opportunity and resources to advertise on the website at no cost. This provides them with a no cost opportunity to provide and advertise their billboard information that is relevant to the local community.

  3. To Provide Services And Opportunities To Local Community Business

    By providing listings and advertising space on the website, local community businesses are able to promote themselves and their business to the community and local region. The fee structures which are put in place provide the business with the opportunity to decide which is most suitable to them depending on the nature of their business and the exposure they require.

  4. To Achieve Regional, State, Australian And International Recognition To Local Community Based Organizations And Businesses.

    By providing a ".com.au" website portal to the community, it is easily recognizable to all visitors, particularly international, that the site is an Australian based portal. This will achieve benefits for local business by becoming easily recognized as Australian based business and helps promote their image more clearly to the visitor.

  5. To Promote The Use Of The Website Portal To Those Persons In The Community Who Would Otherwise Not Utilize Such A Facility

    It is our intention to promote the use of our facility to those in the community who would probably not have the need to utilize a local community website. This includes the younger generation of the community to make them aware of the exposure of their community to the Internet community which provides coverage not only in their own community, region, state or country, but also Internationally. This also applies to other persons in the community who may not have the immediate requirement to utilize a website. By doing this we believe we can achieve a true community portal on which the public and businesses can interact online with each other.

  6. The Provision Of A Web Based Email, News, Messaging And Chat Room Service

    For local businesses and service providers we can provide a web based email service. We also provide message and discussion forums that enable each and every person in the community to register themselves online and provide them with the opportunity to discuss and chat with other members of the community on the various matters of interest and importance to them.

  7. To Remain A Viable And Profitable Portal For The Benefit Of The Community

By structuring placement fees which are comparative to the requirements of the local businesses and service providers, we are able to maintain a viable and profitable website for the community. This enables us to maintain and upgrade the website portal as is required and ensures that the service remains for the community to utilize to their benefit.