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Coolum Area Parks Society ( CAPS )
Stumers Creek Rd, Coolum Beach,  QLD  4573
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Mark Bizzell 5446 1635
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About CAPS

Coolum Area Parks Society (C.A.P.S.) was formed in 1997 to raise awareness of Coolum's green areas, both politically, and in the public eye. Some of these green areas are parks already, some are in need of saving, but all contribute to the unique atmosphere of Coolum's environment.

C.A.P.S. members feel that the best way of protecting Coolum's parks is through people power, expressed in a positive, non-party-political manner. Those who control the parks and open areas which give Coolum its special ambience take notice when residents and visitors use and appreciate our beautiful natural assets. To use our parks, and to encourage others to enjoy them, is to give power to retain and increase the beautiful areas which are so special to us.

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